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Technical Information

Below is a collection of technical documents and derivations. I intend to eventually make as much of my technical library available as possible. I believe that the unencumbered exchange of information between individuals is the surest means of advancing the state of the art.

Also see my ABOUT page for links to my published papers, where I have the rights to post them.

By Larry S. Muir


Derivation of Pinned Flange Yield Line (Transverse Axial Load on Web)


Derivation of Fixed Flange Yield Line (Transverse Axial Load on Tube Wall)

Block Shear - Shear and Axial Interaction

Derivation of Stiffened Seat Welds


Calculating Forces For Extended Tab Bracing


Reliability Rosetta Stone - Presents a simple way to roughly covert from ASD factors of safety to LRFD resistance factors and reliabilities.


The Uniform Force Method: Questions and Answers - Everything you wanted to know about the Uniform Force Method, but were afraid to ask.


Further Information About Extended Single-Plate Shear Connections - Information about Extended Tabs that hasn't found any other home.


Tips for Trusses- Design and detail economical trusses.


A Discussion on Bolt Loosening

A discussion about various methods that can be used to analyze Eccentrically Loaded Bolt Groups including the Instantaneous Center of Rotation Method. A tool is provided that calculates a "C-value" using the Instantaneous Center of Rotation Method, an elastic model, and a plastic model. All geometry and force vectors are provided so that the user can manually check the results.  




I have found the information below to be useful. It is not my work. I believe that in all cases this information has entered into the public domain and is offered here as a public service. If you have reason to believe that any of the information presented is not in the public domain, please contact me.


Experimental Investigation of Stresses in Gusset Plates by R. E. Whitmore of University of Tennessee - "The Whitmore Section"


NACA-TN-3781: Handbook of structural stability part I : buckling of flat plates by George Gerard and Herbert Becker. This is an invaluable source of information on plate buckling and the "References" section can also be very useful.


Links to Research Reports

Below are some links from which research reports can be downloaded.


University of Alberta Structural Engineering Reports


University of Illinois Newmark Structural Laboratory Report Series - Here you can find the famed work of Chesson and Munse and Newmark himself. What more could you want?


University of Texas at Austin - Furgeson Structural Engineering Laboratory - Find out why copes are checked the way they are in the Manual as well as other great information.


University of Sydney


Pacific Earthquake Engineering Center


Purdue University - Structural Engineering Report Series


University of Michigan's Deep Blue

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